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Welcome to Tavern 🥂

Сonnect with your botting friends to make the proxy experience social.

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Reward Yourself

Let’s break down some features.



Ever wondered which site you used the most bandwidth on? Explore statistical breakdowns of your data usage and receive insights on your spend. Share these stats on Twitter, with your friends, or include them in your profile :).



At Tavern, we value your time patience, and most importantly your money -- So we reward you every step of the way with Tavern Tokens. Showed up for an airdrop but didn’t cop? Here are some credits for next time :)



We all love some friendly competition, right? Race to collect badges with your friends and proudly display them on your profile. With each purchase, gigabyte used, or success posted, you’re on your way to a new badge.

Get to know fellow botters.

A more social approach.

Connect with old friends, meet new ones, and check out what community celebrities are up to. Create an interactive profile to show others what you’ve been up to, or flex some checkouts ;)

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A unique way to restock.

Let’s break down Airdrops.


Join the waiting room.

Think of this as waiting outside the a store. You’re with all your friends, chatting about the last drop, talking about your hopes for this drop, or talking about your favorite bot. You’ll have a chance to view the proxies that are dropping and their prices.


Let the release begin.

The exciting part: as you wait for your turn to purchase, view a live feed of people checking out proxies in real-time.



Now it’s your turn: Configure your desired quantity or IP type, and head to the checkout. Use your Tavern Tokens balance, coupon code or credit/debit card to purchase.

airdrop page airdrop page airdrop page

Tavern is invite-only. Follow us on Twitter for a chance to get in.

You can only join Tavern through a friend’s invite or an invite on our Twitter. Follow us today.

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